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Cat Kennels and Enclosures- Which is the right one for your pet?

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If you want your pets to enjoy their freedom being outdoors but protected, an outdoor cat enclosure may be of great help and use.

Outdoor cat kennels make a happy habitat for your cat to relax and retreat in the warm sun. Outdoor cat cages are really helpful for strictly indoor cats as they tend to develop stress symptoms like anxiety, behavioral issues and lethargy if confined within the four walls of your home. It also helps to keep your cat away from your favorite furniture and other accessories, when you have to leave for your job locking her inside. Quite a few varieties of cat kennels and outdoor enclosures are available online, through classifieds or in pet shops. Easy to install enclosure kits are also on hand or you can get one custom designed according to the space available in your backyard.

Kitty enclosure like Kitty carriers comes in a variety of design and size from the very basic ones to the most luxurious ones. Kennels can be custom crafted as one tier, duplex or deluxe cat condos.

What factors to look for in an ideal cat kennel?

  • Insulator building material.
  • Plenty of room and ramps inside.
  • Enough shelter to protect from rain and cold.
  • Heat pads or safe lighting options to keep your pet warm.
  • Provision for cat stuffs like scratching pads, toys, food/water bowl.

Cat house Building materials

Outdoor cat houses or kennels are built with wood, cedar, plastic or galvanized steel.

Wooden enclosures are light weighted, durable, resistant to weather conditions like sun, rain and cold. Cedar is a type of wood which is known for its resilience and sturdiness. Cedar forms a good insulator and resists pests like termites and fleas. Plastic cat houses come in attractive colors and designs. It is light weight, homely, easy to clean and maintain. Powder coated galvanized steel forms another building material which suits all climates.Design ideas and features.

A cat house can be designed as a simple one tier architecture or as a luxurious apartment with multiple storey and rooms. Meshed enclosure will give your cat a sense of freedom to watch out. A closed cat house fitted with an escape proof door and latch forms the most comfortable home for your kitty as it keeps predators and traffic away. Providing decks and platforms high from the ground will keep your cat away from pests and fleas. Insulation inserts, weather proof material, cat mats and heat pads provide a comfortable warm environment within the cat house. Separate attachable parts are available in market enabling you to extend your kitty house with more space. Meshed enclosures require a regular check for wear and tear.

Diversity in Cat Kennels / Enclosures

Cat enclosure types provide you with tons of choice and selections .Various generalized types are:

Window Perch Kennels

Window perch forms an ideal indoor cat kennel. These enclosures are built with weather resistant materials and similar to window perch cat beds, these can be attached to the window with metal wall braces or fabric fasteners. This type is useful for cat owners who don’t have enough backyard facilities for an outdoor cat kennel.

Window Bay Kennels

Window bay kennels are made of thick fabrics like plastic or acrylic. It can be attached to the window frame and it looks like an extension of the window. All the sides are made of mesh and it gives a clear outside view for your cat. It is large enough to fit into two windows but is suitable for just one cat.
Wire meshed enclosure type comes as flexible meshed enclosures and rigid meshed enclosures. Rigid ones are more preferred as flexible netting makes an easy way out for your cat.

Flexible wire mesh enclosure

This is the most common type of enclosure used. The parts can be dismantled or several parts can be attached to expand the enclosure. The downside is that cats can easily break through this netting making it necessary for you to keep an eye on it.

Rigid Wire Mesh Enclosure

Rigid meshed type forms another type of wire meshed enclosure, made with a tougher fabric. This forms the sturdiest enclosure type not allowing your cat to pull its way out.
Fence Enclosure is suitable for cat owners with plenty of space inside and outside the house. There are two types of fence enclosures intended for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor Fence Enclosure

Outdoor fence enclosure is an ideal enclosure that fits your cat and your yard. This is similar to leaving your cat outdoor with full access to fresh air and ground. Some fence enclosure comes with an easy to set up wiring facilities and some can be built with an underground fence.

Indoor fence enclosure

Indoor fence enclosure protects the private area in your house from where you want to keep your pets away. It works with the help of a transmitter and is easily installable.

Choosing the right kennel?

Cat kennels and houses are available online but with heavy shipping charges. There are several professionals who custom designs specific cat kennels according to the shape, size and style preferred by the customer.

Building one yourself

It is not very difficult to build a one tier cat enclosure if you have the materials ready with you. Guidance on how to make one of those.

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