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Litter Box Training for your cats – The only guide you need

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Most cats you get from a shelter or pet store are already litter box trained, but kittens need to learn to use the box and adult cats can often regress from using the box for one reason or another.

Older cats.

Most older cats have been trained and prefer to use the litter box since cats naturally tend to bury their urine and waste.  An older cat that doesn’t use the box may be experiencing physical or emotional problems that is causing them to act up in this way.

For example, too much commotion in the home suddenly can make a cat nervous about using the litter box.  They may actually be afraid of moving through the house to get to their box at all.  This too may be their way of rebelling against you or acting out, the way a teenager may rebel by purposely missing curfew.  Or it may be nerves working overtime if they’re literally frightened or traumatized.  Consider if you’ve had a recent visit from rambunctious family members or friends.  Other changes in the home that often bring about these rebellions or reactions in a cat include new animals in the house, the owner being gone for prolonged periods of time, or a move to a new home.

Urinary tract infections and other physical problems can give them difficulties in holding their urine or feces, just like a human might have difficult with bladder control problems as well.  A trip to the vet is always in order when there have been no changes in the home and the cat suddenly exhibits this type of behavior.

Cleaning the litter.

Very often cats will avoid the litter box when it’s not cleaned properly.  Even though they’re animals, cats don’t care to defecate or urinate in an area that’s already crowded with waste.

Remember that cats have a very sensitive sense of smell.  You may assume the litter box is clean because you’ve removed much of the solid waste but to a cat it can still seem very dirty.  It’s important to keep the litter box clean to your cat’s standard, not yours.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Solid waste and wet areas of the litter should be scooped out every single day and disposed of away from the litter area.
  • Fresh litter should be at least an inch and a half deep.
  • The box itself should be washed out once per week with soap and hot water.  Add some vinegar or lemon juice to the water as you wash it to remove all traces of the odor of urine.
  • Pet supply stores sell plastic linings for litter boxes and this might help to keep them clean.  However even if you use them be sure to wash the box once per week anyway so all traces of odour are removed.
  • Do not use ammonia when you clean the litter box as ammonia smells quite a bit like urine and can actually turn your cat away from the box.

If you do not keep the box clean your cat is less likely to use it and will be more likely to relieve himself in other areas of the home.  Consider how quickly and thoroughly you clean up other places where a cat relieves himself; that area is clean and odour-free, so of course he’ll want to use it over and over again!  Which would you prefer, a spotless bathroom that’s cleaned every day or one that’s obscenely filthy?  Cats prefer something clean for their own bathroom habits, so be sure you’re providing it for them.

Other important tips for litter box training.

Remember that cats can find the litter box unpleasant because of something nearby.  For kittens especially that are still timid about everyday household items, they may find the washing machine or dryer somewhat scary – and yet many people keep the litter box in the laundry room!

Nearby cleaning supplies and solutions can also be overwhelming when it comes to their odour, turning a cat away from it.  If your box is in a closet, basement, laundry room or other area where there are cleaning supplies or other items with a strong odour, this can be turning your cat off to using it.

Sprinkle some baking soda into the litter when you change it as this can help with odour control as well.  Don’t overwhelm the box with baking soda as it may get between their toes which they in turn need to lick off.

It’s also important to make sure your cat has unencumbered access to the box at all times.  If there’s a door between the cat and the box, be sure that it stays open.  Older cats and kittens may find a long journey into a basement somewhat difficult so consider keeping it closer to their main living area.

Owners often forget that cats also like some privacy for doing their business.  Putting the box in an area that’s typically busy can make it difficult for them.  You can purchase a cover for your box or better yet, move it to an area with less foot traffic.

Cats also do not like to relieve themselves where they eat or even where you eat or prepare food.  A box off the kitchen may be uncomfortable to them even if it’s technically in the laundry room or landing to the basement stairs.  Consider moving it to a bathroom area instead.

If you notice your cat avoiding the litter box and you cannot clean it as often as you should, provide more than one box.  This is a good thing to do if you notice the cat relieving himself in areas of the house or if he’s urinating in the box but defecating elsewhere in the house – once he urinates, the box may be too dirty for him to use.  Putting two litter boxes out for his use may take care of this problem since they’ll be cleaner than just the one.

As with all other parts of cat training, litter box training requires patience and commitment from the owner, and also requires you doing your own part in keeping the box clean and available to them.  Cleaning out the litter box is no one’s favorite job but it is part of responsible pet ownership.




For many kitty proprietors, instruction their own kitty to make use of the actual litter box is really a fairly pain-free procedure. It’s amongst the cat’s organic intuition to get rid of within any region that they’ll include their own fecal material within. This particular conduct can be a method of your own kitty taking exactly what these people see to become since the organic purchase associated with prominence. Within the crazy feral felines may hide their own fecal material when they aren’t towards the top of their own interpersonal structure, if your feral kitty doesn’t hide his / her fecal material chances are how the kitty showing which conduct may be the dominating cat. Then when your own housecat buries his / her waste materials she or he might be realizing your own part since the dominating pet within their interpersonal neighborhood. It’s also feasible, nevertheless, that the kitty might be exhibiting his / her passed down impulse in order to hide his / her fecal material to be able to conceal their own path through will be potential predators.Usually cats may discover the actual conduct associated with burying their own fecal material as well as while using litter boxvia their own mom after they tend to be weaned presuming mom is actually litter box educated.If you buy a cat around 12 days, you might only have tolocation cat within the cat litter box as well as lightly the begining the actual thoroughly clean litter box together with your fingertipssoon after your woman consumes to point in order to the woman’s exactly what she’s to complete.


In case your brand new kitty does not decide to try litter box instruction following your own very first couple of efforts you mightwish to think about training the woman’s utilizing an additional typical technique. Restrain youradd-on to some little however comfy space, ideally 1 having a difficult ground should youpossess 1. Location both cat litter box and also the meals meal within the space however do not locationall of them near one to the other. Your own kitty may normally not need in order to defecate close to it’s mealssupply therefore she’ll search for an additional region. Get rid of any kind of cushions, covers,papers, bath towels or even additional gentle products exactly where your own kitty might wish to get rid of throughthe area before you decide to near the woman’s within. For those who have limited your own kitty to some space along with difficultflooring your woman will probably prevent getting rid of on the ground because urinating will probably dashback again and obtain on her behalf hair. The only real leftover option towards the kitty here is(ideally) the actual cat litter box.


In case your kitty had been housebroken as well as all of the unexpected your woman hasoverlooked which impulse there are some options you might like to think aboutprior to quitting.

1. Will Cat Possess a Filthy Cat litter box? The most typical reason for thehousetrained kitty to prevent while using litter box is the kittydisagreeing along with the amount of hygiene concerning the woman’s cat litter box. Your own kitty is actually much moreprone tocease while using litter box in the event that your woman seems that it’s as well filthy. It is advisable to thoroughly clean your own cat’s litter boxevery single day or even at the minimum each and every 2nd or even 3rd day time. The actual dirtier the cat litter box will getthe actual not as likely it’s that the kitty will still utilize it. Your own kitty really wants toget rid of inside a thoroughly clean atmosphere and when your woman updates that each period your woman removes uponthe actual carpeting a person instantly operate as well as thoroughly clean this upward your woman interprets which like a much moreappealing spot to get rid of since it is really rapidly cleaned out. Maintaining your own cat’slitter box because thoroughly clean as you possibly can is actually the easiest method to prevent this issue, as well as keep in mind, exactly whatyou think about thoroughly clean, your own kitty might not.
Along with draining the actual litter box, a person certainly have to change it out every once in awhiletoo to be able to make sure great kitty health insurance and hygiene. Every week altering is better,this particular helps to ensure that smells as well as dampness will not possess a lot of time to develop in order toundesirable amounts and in addition it decreases the probability of illness because of higher amountsassociated with germs.
two. Tension. The kitty getting rid of outside the cat litter box can also be an indicator with regard totension.The actual intro of the brand new individual or even pet to the home might be placing a great dealassociated with tension in your kitty. Felines usually prefer to seem like these people understand what’s going on as well asexactly what they are able to anticipate. Should you annoyed which stability through presenting a brand new beast (actuallythe 2 legged 1) to the home they might obtain anxious which could trigger all of themto get rid of away from container.
Should you depart your own kitty on it’s own with regard to a long time (for instance as you considerholidays or even continue company outings) and also you return you mightobserve that your own kitty may occasionally appear aloof as well as standoffish. This really is an additionalexample by which your own kitty might respond along with getting rid of away from cat litter box like a kindassociated with demonstration as to the your woman interprets to be forgotten.
A brand new furniture piece, or even on the other hand, the recently lacking furniture piece could alsoplace tension in your kitty. Purchase as well as comfort and ease are essential if you’re the kitty. Should youchoose to eliminate which aged material couch due to it is unsightly pea eco-friendly colour as well assimply because it is slipping aside in the seams after which a person substitute this along with a fresh,clever, top quality, leather-based couch having a fridge included in along side it, along with atherapeutic massage as well as heating system perform, your own kitty is actually not likely to determine this particular like a fashionable updatehow you might. Exactly what your own kitty will most likely observe is actually that certain associated with the woman’s preferred snoozeplaces offers vanished and then end up being changed through some thing she’s not really acquainted with as well asintimidated through.
3. Altering Litter box Manufacturers. Felines tend to be animals associated with routine as well as may also bevery finicky (keep in mind Morris, the actual 9 Life kitty? )#). If you have lately changed the actualmake of litter box a person generally purchase this can be trigger for the kitty to locate an additional locationto visit. A few litters tend to be perfumed (with regard to people instead of felines) as well as your kitty mightnot really respond nicely in order to these types of odours, or maybe your own kitty had been accustomed to the much less messy kindassociated with litter box, a specific litter’s consistency, or even that understands exactly what. Altering manufacturers or even kindsassociated with litter box might annoyed exactly what your own kitty is actually confident with and also the outcome can be a untidycarpeting. Should you believe this particular to become the reason, you are able to possibly change back again, or evenprogressively expose the brand new litter box. Attempt combining within some the brand new litter box using theold manufacturer in the beginning as well as progressively step-up the actual portion from the brand new litter box every timea person alter the actual container, ultimately it is possible to change the actual old manufacturercompletely. This can assist your own kitty relieve to the brand new litter box manufacturer instead of annoyedthe woman’s feeling from the purchase associated with points.
four. Several Felines. Mentionened above previously over another pet could cause the kitty in order tostart toget rid of outside the cat litter box, however this might certainly not end up being caused bytension. Another kitty inside your home ought to most likely possess their own cat litter boxunless of course your own felines possess confirmed they do not thoughts discussing. Once again, keep in mind felines tend to bethoroughly clean animals as well as they may be territorial too. A few felines might not thoughts utilizingexactly the same container, however other people might decline, meaning once again, the actual carpeting gets litter boxcontainer quantity 2.
5. Cat litter box Dimension Or even Positioning. When the cat litter box doesn’t supply sufficientspace with regard toyour own kitty your woman might not utilize it whatsoever. Your own kitty will probably wish to the begining close to and becomein a position to feel at ease within the cat litter box. Make certain it’s spacious sufficient, simplefor the kitty to obtain within as well as from (the actual attributes from the container ought to be reduce with regard to catscompared to with regard to grownup felines), and never inside a higher visitors region because felines appear to such as a fewlevel of privateness whenever getting rid of. Finally, make certain your own kitty offers use of the actuallitter box all the time. Placing your own cat litter box inside a space that’s shut sometimes is really aformula with regard to catastrophe. In case your kitty needs to proceed as well as your woman cannot reach the area that you haveplace the actual litter box within after that your woman truly may have absolutely no additional option compared to to locate an additionalappropriate region to get rid of.
6. Healthcare Problems. Your own kitty might be going through cat incontinence. Such aspeople,incontinence may hit creatures as well as this can be a sign associated with additional healthcaredifficulties with your own kitty. Like a kitty age range, your woman gets prone to shed manage associated with the woman’sbodily processes as being a human being will. Should you believe grow older or even healthcare factors mightfunction as the trigger for the kitty’s cat litter box difficulties then you definitely ought to consider the woman’s towards the veterinarianto have an evaluation, guidance as well as feasible remedy to solve the issue.
In case your kitty will create a clutter outside the cat litter box it’s usually badexercise in order to scold the woman’s or even discipline the woman’s. Placing the woman’s nasal area within the clutter after which throwingthe woman’s within the litter box won’t resolve your condition. Becoming annoyed together with your kitty is actuallyorganic following this event, however to show this particular conduct after which to place the woman’s within thecat litter box is just producing your own kitty connect the actual cat litter box having a poor encounter.Your own kitty could also start to learn how to hesitate associated with a person, that is certainly not really that which youwould like. Your very best answer would be to cleanup the actual clutter rapidly. Place your own kitty within the litter boxcontainer and become pleasant as well as talk inside a soothing tone of voice using the kitty. Clean the actual thoroughly cleanlitter box together with your fingertips as well as make certain your own kitty views this particular conduct, ideally it’llkitchen sink within. To prevent your kitty defecate within the exact same location away from cat litter box the2nd (or even 3rd) period, include the region having a plastic material linen or even some thing difficult whichcan lead to your own kitty splashing himself along with her very own urine in the event that your woman ought to selected whichspot to defecate once again. Thoroughly clean the actual odor because greatest you are able to (whitened white vinegar might help,however make certain your own furnishings or even carpeting are designed for this). You may also proceed the woman’s mealsmeal along with or even close to the region which your woman accustomed to defecate, the kitty won’t wish todefecate close to the woman’s meals supply. In case your kitty utilizes the actual litter box once again, actually only once,incentive the woman’s, perform along with the woman’s, dog the woman’s, provide the woman’s a goody, help to make the woman’s connect the actual cat litter boxhaving a great encounter rather than poor 1.
The kitty which removes outside the container isn’t the dropped kitty. Do not give up the woman’s tillyou have investigated the actual feasible causes of the issue. When you think it is, you are able toprobably proper this as well as cat as well as human being may reside the pleased co-existence once more.

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