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Turkish Van Cat Breed – The complete guide

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Ancestors of the Turkish Can come from a rugged region in south east Turkey, around the country’s largest lake, the 3675km2 (1419 square mile) Lake Van. This may be why this breed apparently loves water, and is sometimes called the Turkish swimming cat. It is not true that all cats hate water, but these cats will actually seek it out and seem to swim as a form of recreation. Turkey’s domestic cats are predominantly white with auburn markings. Even today, in Istanbul, you will see many street cats of this coloring.

A classically colored auburn and white Turkish Van – this one has the unique distinction of winning the United Kingdom’s Supreme Cat Show two years runningOn a visit to the Lake Van region in the 1950s, two English women bought a stocky white female cat with flashes of head color and a full auburn tail.

The “thumbprint” markings on the head of this auburn and white Van correctly (for the show standard cat) do not extend below the eyeline.Their Istanbul hotel manager told them of another cat, a male with very similar markings. They took both cats back to Britain, and after four years were successfully breeding consistently patterned kittens. The two women returned to Turkey and bought another male and female to add to the new gene pool. The breed was first officially recognized in Britain in 1969 as the Turkish Cat, the name later being change to Turkish Van.

The Creamy-white Turkish Van is one of the two colors accepted by the United Kingdom’s cat fancy, the other being the classic auburn and white.Despite its fine coat and white coloring, no link with the Turkish Angora breed has been established. The Van is the more muscular of the two breeds, deep chested with a long, sturdy body. Its legs are medium in length with near, tufted, well rounded feet. The tail is a piece de resistance, a full brush in perfect proportion to the body and, of course, colored and possibly faintly ringed. The cat has a long, straight nose and prominent, well feathered ears.

The perfect coat is chalk white with no trace of yellow, with colored tail and head markings not extending below the eye line or the base of the ears at the back. There is a white blaze on the forehead and sometimes the occasional thumb print of color on the body. All colors are recognized (auburn and cream only in the United Kingdom). Turkish Vans have reached the height of excellence, including the title of Supreme Exhibit at the United Kingdom’s Supreme Cat Show.

Turkish Van Cat Breed Information

Coat – Long, soft, silky, no wooly undercoat.
Eyes – Large, oval, expressive, light to medium amber, blue or odd eyed.
Other features – Enjoys swimming, not prolific (litters of about four kittens).
Grooming – Relatively easy, daily brushing and combing.
Temperament – Affectionate, intelligent, not particularly lively, may be nervous.

Why this Cat Is Preferable These Days?

There’s a common stereotype that cats are allergic to water and can’t go in there easily. If you still believe this then adopt Turkish Van Cat. This cat breed is famous only because of its appealing nature towards water. They love to stay in water and swimming is not so hard for them in small pools. This cat breed was created by mating with the native cats of Lake Van area. In short, this cat is fun loving and spectacular, so if you really want to adopt a fun loving cat then do read the whole post and understand more about this cat breed.

Origin of this breed

It is famous about this cat breed that it is most acceptable cat in Turkey and a lot of people are willing to adopt it without any delay or pause. Moreover, this breed can easily survive in all type of weather conditions which is such a big characteristic of this cat. It has also been reported that this cat breed has been discovered in 16th century and brought to other countries f Europe as a wonder. Not only in tubs or pools but this cat can easily swim in ponds without any fear or hesitation.

Behavior Of Turkish Van Cat

There is a vast study of its personality and behavior because this cat has become so famous and popular and people are interested to discover more about this breed. This cat has the ability to keep its owner happy and satisfied in several aspects.

Loyalty And Caring Nature:

This cat breed is quite loving and caring as compare to other cats and they have a special connection with their owner. It has been noticed that a lot of cats love to spend playing with their fellow cats and toys but Turkish Van loves to stay with its owner.

Great Climbers And Divers:

There are many cat breeds that avoid climbing or going into water but when it comes to talk about Turkish Van vat. This cat has the ability to jump on trees and climb walls and poles very easily. Moreover, they are also very good divers and you don’t have to worry when they are diving in it.


This cat is also very intelligent in certain things. Furthermore, it has also been reported that this cat has enough levels of intelligence that it can follow the acts and steps of its owner. They love to keep themselves involve in the activities that are being done by their owners and masters. This shows that how sincere and concerned this cat breed is.

The female Turkish Van is more ruling in nature as compared to the male partner. A lot of cat breeders also say that this cat is more like dogs in nature rather than cats. May be they are true because this cat has the ability to take good care of its master by obeying him. So, if you really want to own a Turkish Van Cat then find a successful cat breeder online by searching on Google.

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