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Turkish Angora Cat – The complete guide

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When the Victorians launched their breeding programs using longhaired Persians and white cats from Ankara in Turkey, the Persian type became dominant.

While the Turkish breed was an essential ingredient in the creation of the longhaired Persian of today, its type did not catch on to the same extent as the Persian.

A Calico Turkish Angora shows that alert expression and high set ears typical of the breed.The result was that by the early 1900s, there were no Turkish Angoras on the international show scene and the type was nearly wiped out. However, it has always been highly valued in its land of origin, and a handful of cats were kept at Ankara Zoo.

The pure white Turkish Angora is probably the closest to the first linghaired cat that was brought to Europe from Ankara, Turkey in 1500s. This one, however, is a highly bred odd eyed white with a definitively modern form.They continued to breed there in relative obscurity until rediscovered by the rest of the world in 1963. A pair was taken to America and a breeding program started, although it is still not recognized by the main United Kingdom cat fancy.

The Turkish Angora’s pert and pretty profile and aplendid plume of tail can be appreciated on this Black Tortie Smoke.The white version, in particular, is now highly prized in its native Turkey. The Turkish Angora is a graceful, small to medium sized cat, with a neat and attractively tapered head. To begin with, only the white versions were recognized but now there is a whole range of self’s, bi colors tabbies and smokes.

Top Reasons To Adopt one of this breed!

Cats are always adorable and loving but Turkish Angora Cat has some awesome features that can never be neglected. If you are a cat lover and love to adopt kitties with white fur then I will recommend you to go for this cat breed without any hesitation. There are dozens of cat breeds and all of them have enough special features and behaviors that match with people and they happily adopt them without giving a second thought. This cat breed was originated in historical city Of Turkey known as Ankara or ‘Angora’. In short, this cat is also known as “Ankara Cat” these days so it is up to you to call it by its original or historical name.

Physical Appearance Of Turkish Angora Cat

The major reason of fame and adorners towards this cat breed are its physical features and appearance that attracts most of the people. Usually, this cat is famous because of its white fur and they are mostly available in white coating. So, if you adore white furry cats then go for this breed. Moreover, most of the longhaired or white fur cats have sensitive bone structure but this breed has a fine bone structure that helps it to face different problems while climbing or running.

A Connection Between Turkish Van And this breed

This cat also has a deep connection with Turkish Van because both of them are from same country and they also have some resembling features and behaviors. All of the cats have almost same height and fur but Turkish Angora has a great distinction from other cats. This cat is also available in different colors and it has the ability to gain the attention of people very quickly. If you are in a pet shop or looking for real cat breeds then the most purest cat breed you can easily access is this cat breed.

These cats have a deep connection with its owner!

Usually, cats are introvert and love to be alone but this cat breed has some different features. It loves to spend time with its master and always prefer to obey the rules of its owner without any hesitation. Not only attraction towards their owner but the factor of loyalty and sincerity is also very high. A lot of breeders consider this cat breed as a dog because of all these features but at last it is a cat and everyone prefers to adopt it only because of its white fur and high level of sincerity and love with its owner.

Full Of Life And Playful

Not all the cats are playful except few cat breeds including Turkish Angora. This cat has the ability to make its master happy and satisfied mentally. They love to play with different toys and climbing and diving in water is not an issue for them. In short, this cat can easily make your mood better by its funny tricks and love for their master. If you really want to adopt a Turkish Angora then find a successful cat breeder.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed Information

Coat – fine, silky, medium length, wavy on stomach, no undercoat
Eyes – large, almond shaped, amber, blue, odd eyed, green for silver cats
Other features – moults heavily in summer
Grooming – relatively easy, daily brushing and combing
Temperament – affectionate, intelligent, can be playful, enjoys peace and quiet

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