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Tiffanie Cat Breed – The complete guide

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The Tiffanie is a semi-longhaired version of the Asian group of shorthaired cats. It was developed in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and is only just beginning to establish itself as a breed. Burmilla cats featured strongly in the original breeding program, with occasional injections of Burmese to strengthen the type.

The Tiffanie’s Asian roots are evident in the large, wide-set, slightly oriental, and very expressive eyes of the Blue Shaded Silver. The result is that the Tiffanie cat is now found in all the colors and patterns found in the Burmese and Asian breeds. Although the females tend to be smaller than the males and are particularly dainty, it is a medium-sized cat. Ears are set wide apart, angled slightly forward, and quite significant about the head, ear tufts are typical.

The British Tiffanie, a recent addition to the show circuit, is now found in an enormous range of colors and patterns, as this Brown Smoke version suggests. A brown shaded silver Tiffanie shows the excellent shape, with a perfectly straight back from shoulder to hindquarters, and a soft, feathery tail. The head, rounded at the top, tapers slightly through butterfly wing effect cheeks to a firm chin. It is relatively similar in appearance to a breed that was initially developed as the Tiffany in North America. In 1967, a pair of chocolate-colored, semi-longhaired cats with gold eyes and unknown parentage, produced a litter of six identical kittens and a breeding program began. However, no Burmese were included in the program, nor were ever produced in any subsequent litter.

The color and pattern range of the breed increased during the 1980s, becoming more common. The name has been registered as Chantilly/Tiffany to avoid confusion with the British Tiffanie.

Tiffanie Cat Breed Information

Coat – Beautiful, silky, pronounced ruff and tail plume
Eyes – Slanted, gold to green, green preferred in the Silver variations; gold allowed in self colors
Grooming – Relatively easy, regular brushing with a soft brush
Temperament – Stable, dignified, but curious and friendly

Colors and patterns

Self colors – black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, caramel, apricot and cream
Tabby and Tortoiseshell – Black, cream, blue, chocolate, including silver versions. The Tabby patterns are less defined on the semi longhair coat than on the Asian shorthaired equivalent.

Cat Breeds – A Brief Overview!

There are several breeds of cats, and all of them are adorable, but when it comes to talking about Tiffanie Cat, there are many things to discuss and understand. Being an expert of cat breeds, I am going to reveal some important points regarding this cat breed that can help cat lovers to understand the importance of this long-haired cat. They are adorable, and their appearance is also unique because they have long hairy tails. This cat was first discovered in the 1980s, and from time to time, this breed was interjected with Burmilla cats for better growth.

After successful breeding of this cat, it has become quite easy for every cat lover to access this cat all around the world. Moreover, you can easily get this cat in different colors and patterns quite similar to the Burmese and Asian cat breeds.

Size And Appearance

This breed may be new for many people, so I would like to share some characteristics of this cat with you guys so that your pursuits of adorable cats become more refined. Tiffanie cat is a medium-sized breed with long hairs. No doubt, its fur is not long enough, but many people still consider it a longhair breed. The most extravagant feature of this cat is its plumed long-haired tail that can quickly grab anyone’s attention in a gathering or at the pet shop.

Another best thing about Tiffanie breeds is its eyes, and a lot of people are attracted to this great feature. Usually, these breeds have glowing green eyes along with a black line around the eyes, which gives the illusion of wearing black liner.


While dealing with cats, you guys need to understand the behavior of this animal correctly. Different breeds of cats have different attitudes and behavior towards their owner, so you have to be informative enough to appreciate every bit of their practice.

This breed is quite suitable for those people who are residing in an apartment or home. Moreover, the graph of older adults (adopting Tiffanie breed) is increasing rapidly because of their loving nature and attitude towards their owners. Remember that a considerable number of people worldwide still adores cats because of their love, size, and different patterns on fur and attractive tail. Moreover, these cats are highly intelligent and can easily understand the commands of their owners.

So, if you are looking forward to a stronger bond with your beloved kitty, feel free to adopt a kitten of your desired breed.

Grooming And Maintenance

If you are a cat owner, you need to groom your kitty daily. While talking about Tiffanie cat, grooming is a must because it has long fur and needs grooming and combing regularly. Moreover, it is essential to cut your cat’s claws, cleaning its ears and eyes with proper liquids so that they can stay healthy and fresh.

Thinking of adopting one?

If you are looking forward to adopting this cat breed, feel free to search for a reliable online pet store. Several websites are offering different cat breeds at different rates. For more information on cat breeds, including hybrid ones, you can visit the whole site and feel free to ask any questions without any hesitation.

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