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Maine coon cat breed – The complete guide

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The Maine Coon Cat is a fine working cat, as well as one of the longest established breeds.
As the first part of its name suggests, it comes from Maine, America’s most north easterly state.
This is a land of mountains, forests, lakes and inhospitable winters. Individuals may take three or four years to reach the size and stature of this one.These are appropriately powerfully built, with an all weather coat and a reputation for being a wise and skilful hunter. The second part of its name comes from the long tail and density of fur that have been compared to the similar attributes of the raccoon, an indigenous North American mammal.

They have the ideal head shape and feathered ears typical of the breed. It was once suggested that the ears were inherited from the North American lynx.Like the raccoon, the cat is an exceptional climber. Another theory suggests that the lynx like tufts on many a Maine Coon’s ears are a result of genes inherited from the North American lynx, but this is unlikely. It is more likely that there is a touch of Angora in the breed. Local cats could have bred with Angoras that landed with sailors at the East Coast ports, or, less plausibly, with the cats sent to America by the French queen Marie Antoinette to escape the French Revolution. The queen did do this, but it is unlikely that her animals founded a new race of cats. It may simply be that the domestic cats which travelled from Britain to North America with the Pilgrims way back in the 1600s were the true source of these breeds, and that the breed’s long coat evolved as protection against the severe Maine winters.

A black mantle overlays a paler root color on the Smoke colored one. The fur is generally shorter over the head and shoulders and lengthens down the back and sides.This is not only one of the longest established breeds in the world, but also one of the largest. It can weight 9kg (20lb) and more, compared with an average 2.5-5.5kg (5-12lb) range. Its history rivals that of many more fashionable breeds, and it now has an international following to match. It is the second most popular pedigreed cat in the United States after the Persian. This was not always so.

A Tortoiseshell Tabby And White has the reuired large, oval eyes of the breed, a nose of tmedium length, and a splendid set of whiskers. Beneath the thick overcoat of the Maine Coon Cat is a solid, muscular body that has all the necessary power for a working cat.It was one of the earliest exhibition cats on show in New York in 1860 and in country shows and fairs in New England. Its early popularity was reversed when there was a craze for the more exotic Persians and Siamese being imported into the United States in the early 1900s. It was not until the 1950s these slowly began to creep back into favor, and it was accepted at championship level in 1976. Now they are found all over the world with the current top American lines taking the highest honors. Despite its size, they are gracious animal, with full cheeks and high cheek bones, a square muzzle and a firm chin. Its nose is slightly concave in profile. Ears are large, set high and wide apart. The body is long of back, culminating in a very long, bushy tail that tapers at the tip and is carried high and proud. Legs and paws are substantial. A softly colored Red Silver and White shows paler coloring on chest and paws.

Colors and patterns

Solid – White, Black, Blue, Red, Cream
Tabby and Tortoiseshell – all colors in classic and mackarel patterns, including Silver variation
Also occurs in shaded, smoke, bi-color, tortoiseshell and white, and van bi color. Only one third white preferred in patched cats.

Recently, rexed (curly coated) kittens have been born to apparently purebred Main Coon Cats un the United Kingdom, indicating that behind some of the pedigrees, a rexed cat has been knowingly or unwittingly introduced. The variation is not approved of by the clubs and associations monitoring this breed. Every attempt is being made to eliminate the gene.

Maine Coon Cats : Breed overview

Coat – Thick, dense, waterproof, has an undercoat.
Eyes – Full, round with a slightly oblique aperture, all colors (including blue and odd eyes in white cats)
Other features – Big, good climbers, smallish litters (two or three kittens).
Grooming – Coat rarely gets matted but regular brushing and combing advised.
Temperament – Intelligent, calm, freedom loving, should not be confined indoors.

Why They Are So Famous?

If you are a cat lover and looking for some cat breeds that can easily grab the attention of other people then adopt these cats. This cat has the tendency to enthrall others without any trouble and it is also famous worldwide. If you really want to have a cat that is loyal, adorable and attractive then I will strongly recommend you guys to go for this cat breed because it is famous and getting popular all around the world very quickly. This is a domestic cat breed along with unique and distinctive features that can never be found in other cat breeds especially among the longhaired cats.

A lot of myths and histories are famous about this cat but most of the people are mutually agreed that there are as such no proofs of exact origin and date of introduction of this cat breed. But, it is clear that this cat was quite famous in 19th century in Europe unless other long haired cat breeds were brought to this region. After their arrival, their breeds were in trouble because people started ignoring them. Once they were recognized and registered officially, many countries and breeders tried their level best to produce more coon cats.


These cats are quite beautiful by looks and can easily grab the attention of people within no time. They have a unique charisma and their longhairs are awesome with a puffy tail. Moreover, this cat breed has a strong bone structure and it has the ability to overcome physical stress and long heights. This cat breed is available in different color patterns and coatings according to the desire of the cat lover. In short, this cat is easily available in large quantity along with different colors and eye shades that can never be found so easily in other cat breeds.

Another major factor of this cat breed is its resemblance with Norwegian Forest Cat. A lot of people mix up these breeds but there is minor difference between them. No doubt, they are big, strong, long haired and beautiful but coon cats are very playful and love to stay with their partner and owners. On the other hand, Norwegian cats are a bit low and sadistic in mood and prefer to spend their time alone.

This cat breed is also very intelligent and can easily understand the orders and commands of their owner without disobeying him/her. So, if you are looking for cats that can play with you spend her time with you without going anywhere then feel free to adopt Maine cats because they are highly recommended.


This cat breed is famous because of its strong boned features and they can easily survive in the cold climate of European countries like France, Norway, UK and cold parts of USA. So, if you are residing in one of the cold parts of this world then feel free to adopt Maine coon cat because it is the best option left. Once you adopt these cats, it is highly recommended to take them to the vet for proper treatment and dental checkups. Negligence in any case can easily cause a lot of trouble with the health of this cat breed.

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