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Cat Breeding Information – Everything you need to know

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Professional cat breeding is not a decision to take lightly as it will require your full commitment and necessary time and resources available to undertake such an endeavor.

In order for you to get familiar with the associated responsibilities of cat breeding and to get you into the right frame of mind there are a few important things to consider.

First of all, breeding cats is a very rewarding and exiting experience for you and your family. Be sure though that you have a clear understanding of the upcoming costs and hours of work that are associated with.

Cat breeding information – Steps Involved

Step 1 – Involvement

Think about your current living and working arrangements. Do you the time available to give your full attention to the cat breeding program or do you have a busy life schedule already? This is where you might consider the size of your cat breeding program in regards to how many cats you’ll involve in the breeding program. Breeding cats can certainly become as busy as a full time job and can be compared with running your own business.

Step 2 – Research

Research the pedigree cat that you would like to breed, study its traits and become an expert familiar with all advantages/disadvantages of this breed. A good place to start would be meeting with an existing cat breeder near by; reading books, online information including forums as well as visiting a cat show. This will you give you an opportunity to network and establish valuable relationships in this area.

Step 3 – Registration

Some buyers are concerned with the degree of pedigree and health of their new pet and prefer to purchase their kitten from a registered cat breeder. This means that you need to join a registered cat association in your state as well as registering your cattery. Please read more in our section about reputable Ragdoll breeders.

Step 4 – Breeding

Find a reputable cat breeder selling ‘breeding kittens’ as you should only breed from high quality cats to meet the best breading standards and ensure good health for future offspring. Your breeding queen will reach maturity at 6 months and is suitable to have kittens from one year of age. If you’re starting with a single female cat you’ll need to find a suitable male stud. Contact your local cat breeding club and/or use your established relationships to find a suitable cat breeder. In case you’ve got a stud already, they reach maturity at the age of 10 months.

Step 5 – Getting heated

Once maturity is reached female cats come onto heat every fortnight and lasts between two and four days. Some cats become more affectionate and start yowling loudly which is a sign that they are calling for the male cat. It is also common for the female queen to put their backside up and purr loudly when being pat as well as rolling around the floor. When your cat queen starts pedaling her back and exposes her rear end with their tail to one side it is ready to mate.

Step 6 – Pregnancy

The pregnancy can be determined after 3 to 4 weeks and the cat will become noticeably bigger after 6 weeks. From the date of mating you can expect your litter to arrive after 61 days to 70 (approx. 9 weeks). It is important to increase the food portions for the pregnant cat to meet the increased requirements for a well nourished diet. Consider consulting with your vet to discuss any specific diet requirements and to prepare for the birth of the litter which might include arranging emergency cesarean in case of any complications.

Step 7 – Birth

Arrange a clean, comfortable place with some warm water for your queen cat to give birth. If you already keep your cat in the laundry, lay out some towels and offer a smaller enclosed area where all kittens can be kept together fairly closely. Introduce your cat to the birthing box a few weeks before it is due so it can become accustomed to it.

Step 8 – Selling

Marketing your cats is important if you want to find the right buyer for your cats. Here are some ideas to sell your cat.

  • Online classified sections to advertise for free or small charge.
  • Other cat breeder’s websites.
  • WA Quokka paper and online section.
  • Free- local notice boards.
  • Start your own website
    Good luck with your endeavors to cat breeding. I’m sure that you will find this a very rewarding experience which is also fantastic to share with children and giving them an opportunity to learn about cats.
    Please feel free to write to us if you’d like to add some information to this or any other section of the website. We’d be glad to receive your feedback via our Forum or the Contact Us form

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